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Rod McKuen-Greatest Hits Collection

Rod McKuen

Greatest Hits Collection

Format: CD   Release Date: 05/21/1996
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    Track Title


  1. The Marvelous Clouds
  2. I'll Catch the Sun
  3. Lonesome Cities
  4. One by One
  5. If You Go Away
  6. Je Viens de Loin (I've Been to Town) [*]
  7. The Ballad of Hollywood [*]
  8. Doesn't Anybody Know My Name
  9. Seasons in the Sun
  10. Kaleidoscope
  11. The World I Used to Know!
  12. Oliver Twist [*]
  13. Time After Time [*]
  14. Marie Marie [*]
  15. Blessings in Shades of Green
  16. Stanyan Street
  17. The Ivy That Clings to the Wall
  18. The Lovers
  19. Ally, Ally Oxen Free
  20. The Mummy [Bob McFadden & Dor][*]
  21. As I Love My Own
  22. Love's Been Good to Me
  23. Joanna
  24. Inside of Me [Based on Concerto de Aranjuez]
  25. Bring Her a Rose
  26. The Beautiful Strangers
  27. A Boy Named Charlie Brown
  28. The Time It Takes to Love You
  29. She
  30. Mr. Kelly/Kelly & Me
  31. Listen to the Warm
  32. Jean
  33. A Man Alone
  34. Natalie
  35. Guess I'd Rather Be in Colorado
  36. Some Trust in Chariots
  37. Two Brothers
  38. Hi Lonesome
  39. The Beat Generation
  40. The Ever Constant Sea
  41. Without a Worry in the World
  42. Fields of Wonder
  43. A Cat Named Sloopy
  44. The Single Man
  45. Champion Charlie Brown
  46. Capri in July
  47. The Loner
  48. Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes
  49. I Think of You
  50. Pushing the Clouds Away
  51. Everybody's Rich But Us
  52. Bend Down and Touch Me
  53. I'm Not Afraid
  54. Rock Gently [*]
  55. Solitude's My Home [*]
  56. Sweet Emily [*]
  57. About the Time [*]
  58. Baby, It's Cold Outside [*]
  59. Amor [*]
  60. The Importance of the Rose
  61. If You Go Away
  62. Trashy
  63. Gifts from the Sea
  64. Sleep Warm
  65. April People
  66. Moment to Moment
  67. The Port of Amsterdam
  68. Homeward
  69. The Lonely Things
  70. Jean
  71. Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes
  72. Blessings of the Day
  73. Cowboys/Cheyenne
  74. Toward the Unknown [*]
  75. Ain't You Glad You're Livin' Joe? [*]
  76. Every Loner Has to Go Alone
  77. And to Each Season
  78. Love of the Common People [*]
  79. Winter in America [*]
  80. The Art of Catching Trains
  81. Cowboys
  82. Boat Ride
  83. Morning
  84. Church Windows
  85. Manhattan Beach
  86. To Watch the Trains
  87. Atlantic Crossing
  88. Celebrations
  89. Concerto for Four Hands
  90. Waiting for What
  91. The Sun Is a Moveable Target
  92. Along the Coast to France/The Language of Hello
  93. Lonesome Cities

It's ironic that Rod McKuen is remembered as a best-selling poet, because his music may prove to be more enduring. Like Neil Diamond, he was an ambitious and sometimes pretentious songwriter with similar inclinations toward the sappy and sentimental. His work can sound dated today because of his preoccupations with free love themes and celebrities of the day, but McKuen occasionally let loose a real gem of a song and many of his best compositions have been widely covered. He must have retained the masters to much of his back catalog, because this inexpensive (around 30 retail) box set collects original recordings made for labels such as Warner Brothers and AM from the late '50s onward. There is a lot of material here -- more than most casual fans would want -- but for those who are as intrigued by McKuen's failures as his successes, this five-disc box offers a wealth of each. The set concentrates mostly on songs rather than poetry recitations, which is good or bad depending upon your tastes, and he croaks his way through such classics as "Lonesome Cities," "Kaleidoscope," "Ally, Ally Oxen Free," and many others. The discs in the set are also available individually. ~ Greg Adams, Rovi

  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: 05/21/1996
  • Record Label: Delta Distribution
  • UPC: 018111591423
  • Product ID: 853383

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