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Bernard Herrmann

Twilight Zone [Original TV Soundtrack] [Remastered]

Format: CD   Release Date: 12/19/2000
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    Track Title


  1. Main Title 1:24
  2. Where Is Everybody: The Man :46
  3. Where Is Everybody: The Door :39
  4. Where Is Everybody: The Truck 1:47
  5. Where Is Everybody: The Telephone :47
  6. Where Is Everybody: The Phone Booth 1:00
  7. Where Is Everybody: The Stationhouse 1:08
  8. Where Is Everybody: The Cell :37
  9. Where Is Everybody: The Sun 1:25
  10. Where Is Everybody: The Mirror 1:02
  11. Where Is Everybody: The Bookrack 1:22
  12. Where Is Everybody: The Lights 1:00
  13. Where Is Everybody: The Film :49
  14. Where Is Everybody: The Bicycle :34
  15. Where Is Everybody: The Breakdown :55
  16. Where Is Everybody: The Button :45
  17. Where Is Everybody: Finale and Credits 1:09
  18. Walking Distance: Intro :43
  19. Walking Distance: the Drugstore :52
  20. Walking Distance: Memories 2:49
  21. Walking Distance: The Park 1:47
  22. Walking Distance: The House 1:51
  23. Walking Distance: The Curtain :17
  24. Walking Distance: The Parents 2:00
  25. Walking Distance: The Merry-Go-Round :49
  26. Walking Distance: Martin's Summer 2:12
  27. Walking Distance: Elegy 4:44
  28. Walking Distance: Finale 1:18
  29. The Lonely: Twilight Zone Theme :46
  30. The Lonely: Intro 1:36
  31. The Lonely: the Waiting 1:34
  32. The Lonely: The Box 1:11
  33. The Lonely: Alicia 1:58
  34. The Lonely: Mockery 1:27
  35. The Lonely: Eleven Months :52
  36. The Lonely: The Stars 1:41
  37. The Lonely: Fear :52
  38. The Lonely: Farewell 1:12
  39. The Lonely: Finale :52
  40. Eye of the Beholder: Twilight Zone Theme [2nd Revision] :44
  41. Eye of the Beholder: Patience :21
  42. Eye of the Beholder: The Nurse 1:07
  43. Eye of the Beholder: The Hospital 1:17
  44. Eye of the Beholder: The Doctor :27
  45. Eye of the Beholder: The Plea :52
  46. Eye of the Beholder: Lead In :10
  47. Eye of the Beholder: Declaration :04
  48. Eye of the Beholder: The Bandage 1:36
  49. Eye of the Beholder: The Last Bandage :57
  50. Eye of the Beholder: Hysteria 1:34
  51. Eye of the Beholder: The Revelation 1:49
  52. End Title 1:22
  53. New Twilight Zone (Theme Opening) :44
  54. Little Girl Lost: Where Are You? 2:19
  55. Little Girl Lost: Gone :10
  56. Little Girl Lost: Emptiness 1:54
  57. Little Girl Lost: Dog Gone :50
  58. Little Girl Lost: Hole in Wall 1:15
  59. Little Girl Lost: Third Dimension 2:16
  60. Little Girl Lost: Coin Disappears :32
  61. Little Girl Lost: Move Around :25
  62. Little Girl Lost: Look for Her 2:00
  63. Little Girl Lost: Fourth Dimension 3:26
  64. Little Girl Lost: Half in Zone :49
  65. Living Doll: Tina Arrives 1:17
  66. Living Doll: Tina Talks :36
  67. Living Doll: Eric Throws the Doll :47
  68. Living Doll: Supper :18
  69. Living Doll: Tina Talks Again :52
  70. Living Doll: Tina Threatens :29
  71. Living Doll: In the Cellar 1:01
  72. Living Doll: I'm Going to Kill You :14
  73. Living Doll: Talking Doll :18
  74. Living Doll: Tina Disappears :26
  75. Living Doll: Eric Finds Tina 1:00
  76. Living Doll: Destroy Tina 1:36
  77. Living Doll: Indestructible Tina 1:06
  78. Living Doll: Eric Returns Tina 1:09
  79. Living Doll: Finale 1:00
  80. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years I 1:13
  81. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years II :36
  82. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years III :37
  83. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years IV 1:16
  84. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years V :12
  85. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years VI 1:03
  86. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years VII :28
  87. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years VIII :37
  88. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years IX 1:48
  89. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years X :23
  90. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years XI 3:25
  91. Ninety Years Without Slumbering: Ninety Years Xii :49
  92. Finale :23
  93. New Twilight Zone (Theme Closing) 1:14

One is grateful for the very notion that a 1990s recording was made of seven of Bernard Herrmann's scores for the Twilight Zone series from the early '60s. During the 1980s, anyone suggesting such an idea to most record labels would have been shown the door in a less than polite manner, but Herrmann's music seemed to sell as the 20th century drew to a close, and the continuing interest in The Twilight Zone didn't hurt. Of all the music here, Herrmann's score for the episode "Walking Distance" holds up the best, a sweetly elegiac ode to passing youth and passing time that stands on its own. Much of the rest, although often very interesting, is simply not that good as music -- Herrmann did as bidden and created very effective, surprising, even otherworldly scores for "Little Girl Lost" and "Living Doll," using instruments such as harps, guitars, and bassoon with great facility, but these still aren't remotely of the quality of his film scores of the same era. It is possible, listening to this material, to discern his further use of such works as Gustav Holst's "The Planets," whose influence could be felt in his music for Alfred Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry, and it's easy to admire the man's inventiveness and creativity. The recording is excellent, and the performance perhaps a bit too serious, which is ironic since, as a substantial body of music, this lengthy set doesn't hold up. It is too long for its own good, except from the standpoint of Herrmann completists, who will love it. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

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