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Badly Drawn Boy-Hour of Bewilderbeast [Deluxe Edition] [LP]
New Vinyl

Badly Drawn Boy

Hour of Bewilderbeast [Deluxe Edition] [LP]

Format: Vinyl   Release Date: 01/22/2016
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    Track Title


  1. The Shining
  2. Everybody's Stalking
  3. Bewilder
  4. Fall in a River
  5. Camping Next to Water
  6. Stone on the Water
  7. Another Pearl
  8. Body Rap
  9. Once Around the Block
  10. This Song
  11. Bewilderbeast
  12. Magic in the Air
  13. Cause a Rockslide
  14. Pissing in the Wind
  15. Blistered Heart
  16. Disillusion
  17. Say It Again
  18. Epitaph
  19. Bewilderbeast
  20. Magic in the Air
  21. Cause a Rockslide
  22. Pissing in the Wind
  23. Blistered Heart
  24. Disillusion
  25. Say It Again
  26. Epitaph
  27. My Friend Cubilas
  28. I Need a Sign
  29. Interlude
  30. Meet on the Horizon
  31. Road Movie
  32. Kerplunk by Candlelight
  33. Chaos Theory
  34. Epitaph
  35. My Friend Cubilas [*]
  36. I Need a Sign [*]
  37. Interlude [*]
  38. Meet On the Horizon [*]
  39. Road Movie [*]
  40. Kerplunk by Candlelight [*]
  41. Chaos Theory [*]
  42. It Came From the Ground [*]
  43. It Came from the Ground [*]
  44. Walkman Demo, Pt. 1 [*]
  45. Outside Is a Light, Pt. 1 [*]
  46. Outside Is a Light, Pt. 2 [*]
  47. Walkman Demo, Pt. 2 [*]
  48. Distant Town [*]
  49. Chaos Theory [*]
  50. It Came from the Ground [*]
  51. Walkman Demo, Pt. 1 [*]
  52. Outside Is a Light, Pt. 1 [*]
  53. Outside Is a Light, Pt. 2 [*]
  54. Walkman Demo, Pt. 2 [*]
  55. Distant Town [*]

What has the field of lo-fi slacker pop come to when faced by an LP as ambitious and entertaining as Badly Drawn Boy's The Hour of Bewilderbeast? Despite all attempts to sabotage his songwriting and production with innumerable experimental tidbits, songs within a song, and (seemingly) tossed-off arrangements, Damon Gough has to face the fact that he wrote and produced over a dozen excellent songs of baroque folk-pop for his album debut, and the many gems can't help but shine through all the self-indulgence. The sprightly orchestration for cello and trumpet (Gough's own) that begin the album are eventually taken over by the sparse guitar pickings and wistful folky sunshine of "The Shining," which veers into the skewed slide guitar and ominous tone of "Everybody's Stalking." Gough rarely pauses for breath (even when he's doing a ballad) or follows any traditional sense of album flow, but after a listen or two, The Hour of Bewilderbeast is revealed as a shambling masterpiece of a pop album. Most of these songs are Gough's entirely (he plays as many as eight instruments), with occasional help from friends like Twisted Nerve co-labelhead Andy Votel and assorted drummers for accompaniment. His songwriting is great, but Gough's twisted sense of humor helps the album shine as well, as on "Fall in a River," where the down-a-lazy-river feel carries through to the point where not just Gough but the entire production is submerged with a splash and attendant warping of the sound. The Hour of Bewilderbeast surely isn't a traditional pop album, but a continually beguiling trip through lo-fi postmodern folk that draws as much from Harry Nilsson as Beck. [Hour of Bewilderbeast was released as a deluxe two-LP set in 2016.] ~ John Bush, Rovi

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