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Hyrule Warriors

Release Date: 09/26/2014
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The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors collide as gamers join Link, Impa, Darunia, and others as they engage in classic hack-and-slash action in Hyrule Warriors. The sorceress Cia is attempting to take control of Hyrule by releasing hordes of monsters into the world, and players must fight back on battlefields both new and taken from franchise lore, such as Death Mountain from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Field from Twilight Princess, and Skyloft from Skyward Sword. Each battle also culminates in a confrontation with a powerful boss character. While in combat, gamers can find and use items from Zelda lore, such as the bow, the hookshot, and bombs, and each warrior possesses unique weapons and attacks that can be upgraded by spending collected Rupees at the Bazaar. Advancing the story in Legendary mode lets players unlock new characters, while Adventure mode offers the same bonuses on a map inspired by overworld in the original Legend of Zelda. Gamers can take on the action alone, or a friend can join in on the GamePad screen for local co-op multiplayer combat.


    L Button = lock-on target
    ZL Button = guard/reset camera position
    ZR Button = use item
    R Button = focus spirit
    Left Stick = move warrior
    D-Pad Left/Right = cycle items
    D-Pad Down = toggle mini map display
    Touch Screen = cycle items
    B Button = evade
    X Button = strong attack
    Y Button = regular attack
    A Button = special attack/focus spirit attack
    Plus Button = pause
    Right Stick = move camera
    Right Stick Left/Right = cycle targets
    Right Stick Down = lock-on targets


    B Button = strong attack
    D-Pad Up = lock-on target
    D-Pad Left/Right = cycle items
    D-Pad Down = use item
    Control Stick = move warrior
    C Button = evade
    Z Button = guard
    A Button = special attack/focus spirit attack
    Plus Button = pause
    1 Button = focus spirit
    2 Button = toggle mini map display
    Shake Wii Remote Controller = regular attack
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii U
  • Release Date: September 26, 2014
  • UPC: 045496903435
  • Product ID: 3752252
  • Genre: Action

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