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FIFA Soccer 10

Release Date: 10/20/2009
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The top-selling series based on the world's most popular sport, EA Sports' FIFA Soccer returns to the virtual pitch with a smoother, more customizable game for 2010. The drive behind this year's renovations and refinements is twofold: make the game a more authentic representation of real world pro soccer, and give gamers more freedom to play it their own way. The game's visual presentation builds on the previous year's offering with updated player portraits and more detail on the playfield. Another highlight of the "10" edition of the game is the "Custom Set Piece" feature, which allows gamers to design and record their own custom plays for free kicks and corners, and then execute the maneuver in the heat of a live game. In the game's "Be-A-Pro: Club and Country" mode, players can choose from the hundreds of featured real-life pro players, or create a custom "Virtual Pro," and work him through practice and club league play, on to international stardom.



    D-Pad = move player
    A Button = shoot
    L Button + A Button = chip shot (when the goalkeeper is off his line)
    L Button + A Button = controlled shot (when the goalkeepr is on his line)
    L Button = cancel kick (before the power bar is full)
    B Button = pass
    L Button + B Button = one-two pass
    B Button = first time pass (before receiving the ball)
    Y Button = lob
    Y Button = cross (in final third)
    L Button + Y Button = low cross (in final third)
    L Button (Hold) + Y Button (Tap) = early cross (before final third)
    X Button = through ball)
    L Button + X Button = lobbed through ball
    L Button = skill move
    R Button (Hold) = sprint
    Select Button = instant replay
    Start Button = exit instant replay, pause game


    B Button = switch player
    A Button = tackle, clearance
    A Button (Hold) = pressure opponent
    Y Button = sliding tackle
    L Button (Hold) = call secondary defender


    X Button (Double Tap) = switch to goalkeeper (when the opposition has possession near your goal)
    X Button (Hold) = charge
    X Button (Hold) = save (when controlling keeper)
    D-Pad = move, aim kick or throw, aim goal kick
    B Button = throw
    Y or A Button = high kick
    X Button = drop ball
    B or A Button = take short or long goal kick


    B Button = call for short pass
    X Button = call for through ball
    X Button = call for keeper charge
    A Button = call for shot
    L Button = call for second defender (when defending)
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Release Date: October 20, 2009
  • UPC: 014633157062
  • Product ID: 2895849
  • Genre: Sports

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