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Release Date: 02/10/2009
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X-Blades is an unflinching action game of fast-paced, choreographed combat strung along an animé-inspired storyline. The story follows a blade-wielding treasure-hunter named Ayumi, whose battle inhibitions are as scant as her outfits. Ayumi hacks, slashes, and shoots her way through nearly 40 color-saturated levels full of ancient secrets and vile demons, in a combo-driven style seemingly inspired by Devil May Cry or God of War. The game's combat system runs on rage: the more of it Ayumi has, the more special attacks and abilities she can perform. The easiest way to build up rage is slaying enemies. A different special power can be assigned to each of the main action buttons. In general, special powers are divided into the Light, which includes healing abilities, and the Dark, which includes the most devastating attacks. The game ends in one of two different ways, depending on the choices Ayumi makes.



    Left Analog Stick = movement
    X Button = leap (simple)
    X Button + X Button = leap (somersault)
    Left Analog Stick + Left Analog Stick + X Button = leap & roll away from enemy
    R1 Button = action 1 (close combat, blades)
    R2 Button = action 2 (long-range combat, shoot with pistols)


    Triangle Button = action 3
    Circle Button = action 4
    L2 Button = action 5
    R2 Button = action 6
    Right Analog Stick = move camera
    R3 Button = center camera
    L3 Button = accumulate rage
    L1 Button = lock target
    D-Pad = change shooting mode
    Select Button = skill menu
    Start Button = main menu
    D-Pad or Left Analog Stick = menu navigation
    L2 Button = sub-menu navigation
    X Button = confirm menu selection
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Release Date: February 10, 2009
  • UPC: 612561600188
  • Product ID: 2843229
  • Genre: Action

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