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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

La Vie en Rose [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Remastered]

Format: CD   Release Date: 02/27/2007
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    Track Title


  1. Heaven Have Mercy, song 3:42
  2. Milord, song 4:32
  3. Rien de rien, song 2:20
  4. La foule, song 2:59
  5. Cri du coeur, song 2:39
  6. La vie en rose, song [English Version] 3:25
  7. Padam, song 3:27
  8. Mon Dieu (My God), song 3:26
  9. Hymne à l'amour (Hymn to Love), song 3:28
  10. Mon manège à moi, song 3:03
  11. Non, je ne regrette rien (No, I Regret Nothing), song 2:25
  12. L'Éveil 1:06
  13. Mon légionnaire, for piano solo 1:22
  14. Lisieux 2:34
  15. Mon légionnaire: La mort de Leplée, for orchestra ["Mon Legionnaire"] 1:09
  16. Apparition 1:32
  17. L'ABC 2:30
  18. L'Arrestation (preceded by Mon Légionnaire by Raymond Asso and Margueri 1:18
  19. L'Idylle 2:30
  20. Dernière Nuit 7:34
  21. Mon homme (My Man), song 1:28
  22. Les mômes de la cloche, song 3:54
  23. Les hiboux, song 1:04
  24. Fascination, song 1:55
  25. Il m'a vu nue, song 3:17
  26. La poupée, for accordion & guitar 1:42
  27. La vie en rose, song [Accordion] 2:08

While the soundtrack to the 2007 Edith Piaf biography, La Vie en Rose (aka La Môme) -- which features a fantastic performance by Marion Cotillard as the Sparrow -- doesn't include only Piaf songs (that's only the first third), the rest of the album, filled out by pieces from the original score and versions of some of her songs ("Les Hiboux," "Mon Homme"), doesn't do a bad job of conveying the sentiments -- passion, agony, etc. -- of the film. Of course, if Edith Piaf is what you want, an actual Edith Piaf collection is in store, not this, but if you loved the movie, La Vie en Rose (or La Môme) isn't a bad option. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi

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