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Shadow of the Colossus [Greatest Hits]

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End-level bosses are standard fare in video games, but the bosses are the levels in this unusual adventure. Developed by the studio that created the PS2's critically acclaimed Ico, Shadow of the Colossus is another fantasy-themed puzzle adventure that's light on dialog and heavy on beautifully expressive environments. Players take the role of a young knight who sets out to rescue his sleeping-beauty princess from a magic-induced state of suspended animation. To do so, he'll need to defeat the 16 Colossi -- landscape-sized enemies so enormous that they can only be conquered by exploring them, platform-game style, to discover their weaknesses. Against some Colossi, the hero may ride his faithful steed alongside the monster, galloping at full speed just to keep up with its mile-long strides. Other Colossi require the player to actually climb aboard, and crawl, run, and leap across their massive forms to find the hidden vulnerability that can be used to bring them down.

    Left Analog Stick = walk, run, swimming direction, climbing direction
    R1 Button = crouch, swim faster, climb
    R1 + Triangle Button = forward roll
    Triangle Button = jump, pull up from a ledge, mount or dismount
    Triangle Button + Left Analog Stick (while clinging to a wall) = jump off
    X Button = call agro, spur horse
    R1 Button (while jumping toward agro) = mount faster
    R1 Button + Left Analog Stick Up (while riding horse) = stand
    D-Pad Left or Right = equip weapons
    Circle Button (hold while holding the sword) = gather the light
    Circle Button + Left Analog Stick = focus the guiding light
    Square Button (with sword equipped) = attack
    Square Button (while climbing or sneaking on a colossus) = prepair to stab, stab
    Square Button (with bow equipped) = draw back bow
    Square Button (release with bow equipped) = release arrow ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • UPC: 711719747222
  • Product ID: 2554638
  • Genre: Puzzle

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