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Doom 3: Limited Collector's Edition

Release Date: 04/05/2005
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Used games include game, cover art, and case. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted.

Coming ten years after the groundbreaking original, Doom 3 continues id Software's first-person shooter series with a true 3D engine featuring bump-map texturing and enhanced lighting and shadow effects. Players will revisit the setting introduced in 1993's Doom but with a more involved storyline written by sci-fi scribe Matthew Costello (of 7th Guest and The 11th Hour fame). The result is a more cinematic experience than in games past, with elements of horror interwoven with the action to create a sense of tension. Shadows sometimes appear a split second before enemies attack, creatures materialize in the reflections of mirrors, and monsters can break through walls. Certain classic enemies have also been upgraded, such as the imps, which now stare players down with glaring eyes before pouncing on them.

    D-Pad = quick weapon select
    Left Thumbstick = move player
    Left Thumbstick Button = crouch
    Right Thumbstick = look, aim
    Right Thumbstick Button = zoom
    A Button = jump
    B Button = next weapon
    X Button = reload
    Y Button = previous weapon
    Right Trigger = fire, activate
    Left Trigger = sprint
    Black Button = PDA
    White Button = flashlight
    Start Button = pause menu
    Back Button = quicksave ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Release Date: April 05, 2005
  • UPC: 047875810730
  • Product ID: 2503636
  • Genre: Shooter

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