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Format: DVD     Release Date: 11/09/2004
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Spies (Spione) was the first independent production of German "thriller" director Fritz Lang. The years-ahead-of-its-time plotline involves Russian espionage activity in London. The mastermind is Haghi (Rudolph Klein-Rogge), a supposedly respectable carnival sideshow entertainer. Heading the good guys is Agent 326 (Willy Fritsch), with the help of defecting Russian spy Sonya (Gerda Maurus). The film moves swiftly to several potential climaxes, each one more exciting than its predecessor. Haghi's ultimate demise is a superbly staged Pirandellian vignette. Anticipating Citizen Kane by a dozen years, director Lang dispenses with all transitional dissolves and fade-outs, flat-cutting territory from one scene to another. The film was co-scripted by Lang and his then-wife Thea Von Harbou. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Side #1 --

1. Opening Titles: Sensational Theft [:09]
2. An Official Summons [:11]
3. The Criminal Lair [3:21]
4. A Bank Transaction [9:01]
5. Sonja [7:24]
6. The Art of Persuasion [5:04]
7. Engaging the Enemy [11:40]
8. Danielli [5:34]
9. A Trust Betrayed [8:54]
10. Wayward Souls [7:39]
11. Jullisic [7:29]
12. Secrets of the Japanese [8:48]
13. The Cold 20,000 [8:24]
14. Harakiri [4:44]
15. 33.133 [9:48]
16. Putting Together the Pieces [10:48]
17. Set to Destruct [8:08]
18. "Curtain" [8:01]
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: November 09, 2004
  • MPAA Rating:
  • Studio: Kino
  • Length: 143 minutes
  • Format: Black & White
  • Discs: 1
  • Language: English
  • UPC: 738329038526
  • Product ID: 2473636
  • Genre: Spy Film, Thriller

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