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Halo 2

Release Date: 11/09/2004
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Used games include game, cover art, and case. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted.

The sequel to developer Bungie's best-selling Xbox launch title returns for more first-person shooting action against a host of new alien races. Players once again assume the role of a genetically engineered soldier known as the Master Chief as he battles the remaining forces of the Covenant for control of the galaxy. The Master Chief will now be able to acquire new weapons from fallen enemies and explore the planetary landscapes from inside more than double the number of vehicles found in the original. In addition, Halo 2 features both a single-player campaign playable across multiple difficulty settings as well as online competition using the Xbox Live broadband service. No matter which mode is selected, players won't be alone in the conflict: allied forces will once again join in the battles and skirmishes to help repel enemy forces.


    Left Thumbstick Up = move forward
    Left Thumbstick Down = move backward
    Left Thumbstick Left or Right = strafe left or right
    Left Thumbstick Button = crouch
    Right Thumbstick Up = aim up
    Right Thumbstick Down = aim down
    Right Thumbstick Left or Right = rotate left or right
    Right Thumbstick Button = zoom scope
    Start Button = pause game, settings
    Back Button = score
    D-Pad = move through menus
    A Button = jump
    B Button = melee attack
    X Button = reload, action
    Y Button = switch weapons
    Black Button = swap grenades
    White Button = flashlight, team chat
    Right Trigger = fire weapon
    Left Trigger = throw grenade, e-brake, boost


    Y Button = dual wield
    Right Trigger = fire right weapon
    Left Trigger = fire left weapon ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Release Date: November 09, 2004
  • UPC: 805529792234
  • Product ID: 2456664
  • Genre: Shooter

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