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Dream a Little Dream

Format: DVD     Release Date: 10/21/2003
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In 1987-88, a quartet of films with the same basic body-switching premise deluged theaters: Like Father, Like Son (1987), Big (1988), Vice Versa (1988), and 18 Again (1988). One year later, Dream a Little Dream (1989) followed suit. Coleman Ettinger (Jason Robards) is forever scolding the local high school students who use his yard as a shortcut to and from their nearby school. Coleman is not a crotchety old coot, however. He's deeply in love with his wife Gena (Piper Laurie) and is good friends with his next-door neighbor Ike (Harry Dean Stanton). In fact, Coleman is looking for a mystical way to preserve his and Gena's lives forever by transferring their consciousness into the bodies of younger people. One day, student Bobby Keller (Corey Feldman) has a bicycle mishap with Coleman while cutting through the yard, and their minds change places. Now Coleman has the brain of a teenager, while young Bobby uses Coleman's wisdom and life experience to win over the girl of his dreams. Dream a Little Dream was the directorial debut of Marc Rocco, son of actor Alex Rocco, who costars in a supporting role. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Side #1 --

1. Sleepovers and Dreams [7:35]
2. Shortcuts [8:12]
3. Into the Mystic [7:35]
4. Coleman's New "Bobby" [5:49]
5. School Daze [10:10]
6. Experiments and Beliefs [5:49]
7. Young at Heart [7:40]
8. Say Something Stupid [4:44]
9. Lainie's Serenade [3:06]
10. Double Date [5:55]
11. Understanding [6:08]
12. Keep Dreamin' [4:15]
13. Needs and Wants [8:31]
14. Tricky Dance Steps [3:42]
15. Chasing Trouble [5:31]
16. Advice [5:17]
17. Bad Dream [5:14]
18. A New Morning [9:22]
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: October 21, 2003
  • MPAA Rating: PG13
  • Region: 1
  • Studio: Live/Artisan
  • Length: 114 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby Surround (4.0)
  • Discs: 1
  • Language: English
  • UPC: 012236146650
  • Product ID: 2292796
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

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