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Prince and the Showgirl

Format: DVD     Release Date: 01/08/2002
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The title of the Anglo-American The Prince and the Showgirl could well have alluded to the genuine stations in life of stars Sir Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. Based on the Terence Rattigan play +The Sleeping Prince, the film casts Olivier as Charles, prince regent of Carpathia, who is in London to attend the 1911 coronation of King George V. Monroe is deceptively dizzy American chorus girl Elsie Marina, who while performing in a West End revue catches Charles' eye. The prince arranges for Elsie to attend an "intimate supper" at his hotel suite. Though Elsie successfully wards off Charles' advances, she drinks too much bubbly and ends up falling asleep. Comes the dawn, and Prince Charles is anxious to show the awkward Elsie the door. She, however, has fallen in love with the prince, and sticks around long enough to upset a plan to overthrow the Carpathian throne, and to patch up a feud between Charles and his son Nicholas (Jeremy Spencer). Olivier directed as well as starred in The Prince and the Showgirl; he knew he had his work cut out for him in dealing with the mercurial Marilyn Monroe, but he managed to hold his temper and to extract a delightful comic performance from the actress. Alas, the film was a box-office disappointment, leading many Hollywood insiders to moan and wail that Monroe was "washed up" in films -- at least until her spectacular comeback in Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot (1959). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Side #1 --

0. Scene Selections
1. Credits [1:50]
2. His Future Charge [3:20]
3. The Regent Visits [4:56]
4. An Invitation [1:48]
5. Forms of Address [2:38]
6. Elsie Arrives- and Nearly Leaves [4:26]
7. Enter the Regent [4:12]
8. An Indelicate Call [2:39]
9. King Nicholas and the Queen Dowager [5:04]
10. Princely Pass Fumble [3:11]
11. Seduction Scenario [7:32]
12. Unwelcome Messenger [2:50]
13. Coronation Morning [4:39]
14. "Better an Old Hat" [2:06]
15. "This is the Morning" [3:00]
16. Charming Dance, Sinister Plot [3:52]
17. My Regent; Where She Wakes Up [3:17]
18. Order of Perseverance [6:14]
19. To the Abbey [3:16]
20. The Coronation [6:23]
21. The Language Barrier [6:22]
22. The Coronation Ball [8:05]
23. Plan for Two Suppers [2:44]
24. Trapping a Fox [4:46]
25. I Found a Dream [2:22]
26. Hocus-pocus [5:43]
27. Au Revoir [5:01]
28. Parting Advice [1:43]
29. Royal Mementos [1:48]
30. Cast List [:43]
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: January 08, 2002
  • MPAA Rating: NR
  • Region: 1
  • Studio: Warner Home Video
  • Length: 117 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby Digital w/ sub-woofer channel (5.1), Monaural
  • Format: Pan & Scan
  • Discs: 1
  • Languages: English, French
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese
  • UPC: 085391115427
  • Product ID: 2117164
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance

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