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Devil May Cry

Release Date: 10/18/2001
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The creative duo largely responsible for 1999's highly acclaimed survival horror title Resident Evil 2 is reunited for the development of this action-adventure game that is designed to cross over borders of genre and style. Producer Shinji Mikami and director Hideki Kamiya collaborate once again to create Devil May Cry for the PlayStation 2 console. Billing itself as a "gothic action" title, Devil May Cry uses a newly-designed system of control intended to provide more natural, responsive character movement than is common in many of its survival horror predecessors. Featuring backgrounds rendered in real-time, a wider, more dynamic range of camera angles is possible. Devil May Cry puts the player in the role of the warrior Dante, who is rumored to be descended from a Prometheus figure demon who rebelled against the devil on behalf of mankind. Dante is destined to continue the noble fight. The game's dark, gloomy tone is emphasized by a distinctive artistic style and enhanced by state-of-the-art graphical effects.

    Start Button = sub screen
    Select Button = pause
    D-Pad = move menu cursor
    Left Analog Stick = move character
    Right Analog Stick = toggle thunder devil and fire devil
    Triangle Button = jump, action
    Triangle Button (twice) = double jump, air hike
    R1 Button + Triangle Button = rolling dodge
    Circle Button = use sword, punch, kick, round trip
    X or Square Button = check
    R1 + X or Square Button = gun attack
    Triangl + R1 + X or Square Button = air raid
    L1 Button = devil trigger
    R1 Button = lock on nearest enemy
    L2 Button = map
    R2 Button = taunt enemy ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Release Date: October 18, 2001
  • UPC: 013388260041
  • Product ID: 2097918
  • Genre: Action

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