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Original Soundtrack

Snatch: Stealin' Stones & Breakin' Bones

Format: CD   Release Date: 10/31/2000
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    Track Title


  1. Diamond 3:31
  2. Vere Iz da Storn? :06
  3. Supermoves 4:46
  4. Hernando's Hideaway 2:29
  5. Zee Germans :15
  6. Golden Brown 3:24
  7. Dreadlock Holiday 4:23
  8. Kosha Nostra Theme 2:19
  9. Avi Arrives :12
  10. Cross the Tracks (We Better Go Back) 3:14
  11. Disco Science 3:31
  12. Nemesis :15
  13. Hot Pants (I'm Coming Coming I'm Coming) 2:22
  14. Lucky Star 3:32
  15. Come Again :04
  16. Ghost Town 5:52
  17. Shrinking Balls :50
  18. Sensual Woman 4:51
  19. Angel 6:16
  20. RRRRR... Rumble :08
  21. Fuckin' in the Bushes 3:17
  22. Avi's Declaration :07
  23. Don't You Just Know It 2:31

Following in the form of the actual movie, Snatch's soundtrack starts off with a musical bang and a couple minced-up words from Brad Pitt. The album catapults itself into high speed with the heavy, electronic sounds of Klint and Overseer to a full-on schizophrenic music highway. Taking a note from soundtrack heavyweights like Pulp Fiction and Richie's soundtrack for his Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch's is sprinkled with dialogue clips from the movie to give more power to the songs. Richie's taste for extreme music collectives is what makes his soundtracks so pleasing and timeless; starting with heavy electronica to the Latin tango of "Hernando's Hideaway," the two-tone of the the Specials' "Ghost Town," back to Madonna's early pop, and even a traditional Jewish anthem for good measure. Highlights of the album include the Strangler's British new wave "Golden Brown" and Herbaliser's bold "Sensual Woman." Richie once again proves his ability to smoothly tie together a wide spectrum of music genres while somehow keeping them focused in the direction of a film just as sporadic as its music. ~ Diana Potts, Rovi

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