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    Recharged (Cvnl) Warner Bros.

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Review Text Like the first Linkin Park remix album -- Reanimation, which arrived over a decade prior -- Recharged offers reworked versions of an entire LP, this time 2012's Living Things. Ten years is a long time and in 2013, it is perfectly acceptable for a hard rock band to give themselves over entirely to electronic dance music -- or, more accurately, EDM, and, in particular, its most visible variation, dubstep (in 2011, Korn did a whole new album of dubstep, in fact). There are a couple of big names here -- Pusha T shows up on "I'll Be Gone," Dirtyphonics remixes "Lies Greed Misery," Money Mark comes in for "Until It Breaks" -- but a lot of this is kept in-house, with Mike Shinoda doing a few remixes and LP producer Rick Rubin "rebooting" "A Light That Never Comes." EDM and Linkin Park isn't necessarily an awkward fit -- especially for Living Things, which often showcased their elastic, atmospheric side -- but it's also true that this is the kind of album that appeals primarily to hardcore fans looking for a new spin on the familiar; in other words, this is unlikely to convert EDM listeners to the pleasures of Linkin Park. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Light That Never Comes
  2. 2. Castle of Glass [M. Shinoda Remix]
  3. 3. Lost in the Echo [KillSonik Remix]
  4. 4. Victimized [M. Shinoda Remix]
  5. 5. I'll Be Gone [Vice Remix]
  6. 6. Lies Greed Misery [Dirtyphonics Remix]
  7. 7. Roads Untraveled [Rad Omen Remix]

Record: 2

  1. 8. Powerless [Enferno Remix]
  2. 9. Burn It Down [Tom Swoon Remix]
  3. 10. Until It Breaks [Datsik Remix]
  4. 11. Skin to Bone [Nick Catchdubs Remix]
  5. 12. I'll Be Gone [Schoolboy Remix]
  6. 13. Until It Breaks [Money Mark Headphone Remix]
  7. 14. Light That Never Comes [Rick Rubin Reboot]

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